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Need & Opportunity

It is well documented that food convenience is of growing interest and value to consumer purchase decisions and new product trial.  At Wornick Foods, we’ve been helping our customers — leading CPG and retailer brands and the U.S. military — deliver food convenience with enjoyment and nutritional value since 1979.  Our experience has earned for us, and our customers, a position of strength in the current environment, as food convenience continues to grow in importance.

Today, “greater food convenience,” as an objective of our industry, is at the forefront of product innovation. There is demand to meet new needs resulting from lifestyle changes and social norms around food enjoyment in general and “mealtime” in particular. Key factors include:

  • Clean label, natural ingredient preferences
  • More active, time-challenged, mobile lifestyles
  • Sustainability as a core value and success measure

Delivering a high-level balance of on-trend culinary excellence, state-of-the-art food manufacturing capability and convenience driven packaging innovation, Wornick Foods is advancing the food industry in the direction it needs to go — where consumers are going.  Getting to know us, customers discover an innovation partner of unsurpassed food convenience experience, ready to deliver at a high volume, now and in the long-term.