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While creating and executing great tasting foods packaged for convenience, we remain ever vigilant in seeking and adopting opportunities that further our environmental sustainability objectives.  Some key areas include:

  • Light-weighting of containers and pouches
  • Recycling throughout manufacturing and corporate facilities
  • Recycling of excess trim packaging
  • Use of BPA-free plastic films for pouches and trays

Shelf-ready foods packaged for convenience as a whole offer sustainability advantages:

  • Inherently reduce the need for paper and corrugated cardboard for shipping
  • Weigh less and are less bulky than traditional bag in a box, cans or glass, allowing more units to be packaged per box pallet
  • Energy usage and raw materials are reduced for production of the packaging, the individual unit and pallet weigh less for shipping and the carbon footprint of the product is minimized
  • Display-packed products, a common form of secondary packaging for our products, further reduce the use of paper and corrugated
  • Shelf-ready products do not need to be refrigerated
  • Portable foods eaten directly from the container eliminate the need to wash dishes or bowls, and thereby reduce energy consumption