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Fully integrated commercialization and world-class manufacturing systems are fundamental to our team’s passionate approach to continuous improvement and meeting commitments to our customers.

Goal setting and attainment in the following areas guide our success: 

  • PEOPLE: Enable all of our people to drive improvement every day
  • SAFETY: Attain 0 recordable injury rate
  • QUALITY: 100% compliance against critical customer and regulatory requirements
  • SERVICE: Implement business process improvement plans to enable our people to more efficiently fulfill customer orders and launch new products
  • COST: Eliminate waste through whole organization execution of “Plan, Do, Check, Act” problem solving process

As Wornick Foods continually works to improve, our efforts build upon 8 Core Values:

Learning Environment: Being a place where people can explore and grow

People Development: Helping people discover and further their gifts and passion

Results Orientation: Measuring value primarily by how we solve our customers’ problems

Process Orientation: Maintaining high standard work principles while encouraging creativity

Solutions Orientation: Applying high levels of engagement and energy to make our company great and our customers successful

Honoring Commitments: Accepting the responsibility of good decision making and the commitments that result

Trustworthy: Striving to achieve the highest levels of integrity worthy of our customers’ trust

Customer-centric: Seeking to understand and deliver on our customers’ stated needs

Wornick Foods Culture