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Military Rations

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase MRE’s from Wornick?
MRE’s are produced for the government and we cannot sell them to anyone other than the Department of Defense. We do sell our commercial brand EverSafe™ that utilizes the same technology as the MRE's. For more EverSafe™ product information click here.

What is the shelf life and expiration date of my military product?
The expiration date of all of our military products are marked clearly on the box. For our Entrée pouches and boxes, the Julian date is printed on each one which shows the day the product was created. The first number of the Julian date is the last digit of the year, and the next 3 numbers are the day of the year. For example, a Julian number of 3192 would be July 11th, 2013. The product is wholesome for 36 months after the Julian date listed. MREmockup01

Can Wornick Customize a ration to meet my specific needs?
Wornick is able to work with customers requiring a broad range of needs. We can tailor a ration to meet any requirement that you may have (e.g. calorie, 24 hour ration, non-pork, etc.). We are also Halal Certified.

What is the nutritional information for an MRE?
For detailed nutritional information,
please visit http://hprc-online.org/comrad/.
For More Information Click Here.